Charles Le Moyne

Research Associate
Department of Archaeology

Main Focus

Charlie’s research focuses on studying changes in subsistence and the emergence of food production in the Middle Nile Valley through the combination of microbotanical, dental calculus and isotopic analyses. He is particularly interested in the trajectory of wild plant exploitation in the region.

Curriculum Vitae

Charles Le Moyne received his BA at the University of Queensland, Saint Lucia in 2017. He is currently completing his PhD in archaeology at the same institution. He has been an Affiliated Researcher with the Department of Archaeology, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, since 2020.


Le Moyne C, Crowther A (2021) Effects of chemical pre-treatments on modified starch granules: Recommendations for dental calculus decalcification for ancient starch research. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 35: 102762.

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