One Earth Article Highlights Indigenous Fire Management Amidst Escalating Wildfire Risks
One Earth recently published a pivotal article exploring the role of Indigenous fire management practices in combating escalating global wildfire threats exacerbated by climate change and human activities.
Anthropocene Conference at the Max Planck Institute of Geoanthropology
The ‘Crossing Boundaries in Science – The Anthropocene’ conference will gather scholars from diverse disciplines to examine the challenges and opportunities of the Anthropocene.
Ein Netzwerk zur Erforschung des Anthropozäns
Interview with our founding director Jürgen Renn. Further information in German.


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Latest Publications

Stantis, C.; Schaefer, B. J.; Correia, M. A.; Alaica, A. K.; Huffer, D.; Plomp, E.; Di Giusto, M.; Chidimuro, B.; Rose, A. K.; Nayak, A. et al.; Kendall, E. J.: Ethics and applications of isotope analysis in archaeology. American journal of biological anthropology, e24992 (2024)
Findley, D. M.; Amano, N.; Biong, I.; Bankoff, G.; Dacudao, P. I.; Gealogo, F.; Hamilton, R.; Pagunsan, R.; Roberts, P.: Colonial policy, ecological transformations, and agricultural “improvement”: comparing agricultural yields and expansion in the Spanish and U.S. Philippines, 1870–1925 CE. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications 11 (1), 839 (2024)
Wang, N.: Development and application of palaeoproteomics (ZooMS) on Palaeolithic assemblages from Europe and East Asia. Dissertation, 165 pp., Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät; Universität Tübingen, Tübingen (2024)
Groot, M.; Schmidtova, D.; Fernandes, R.: An archaeozoological dataset for 3000 years of animal management in the Netherlands. (2024)
Klontza-Jaklová, V.; Panagiotakis, N.; Tengeriová, R.; Smíšek, M.; Fernandes, R.; Klontzas, M.: Equines on Crete from the end of the nineteenth century to the present day. Cheiron: The International Journal of Equine and Equestrian History 4 (1), 148005, pp. 114 - 133 (2024)
Wang, N.; Conard, N. J.; Douka, K.: Integrating Morphological and ZooMS-Based Approaches to Zooarchaeology at Vogelherd Cave in Southwestern Germany. PaleoAnthropology (2024)
Steudle, G.; Winkelmann, S.; Fürst, S.; Wolf, S.: Understanding memory mechanisms in Socio-Technical Systems: the case of an agent-based mobility model. Advances in complex systems, S0219525924400034 (2024)
Michel, M.; Skourtanioti, E.; Pierini, F.; Guevara, E. K.; Mötsch, A.; Kocher, A.; Barquera, R.; Bianco, R. A.; Carlhoff, S.; Bove, L. C. et al.; Freilich, S.; Giffin, K.; Hermes, T.; Hiß, A.; Knolle, F.; Nelson, E. A.; Neumann, G. U.; Papac, L.; Penske, S.; Rohrlach, A. B.; Salem, N.; Semerau, L.; Villalba-Mouco, V.; Abadie, I.; Aldenderfer, M.; Beckett, J. F.; Brown, M.; Campus, F. G. R.; Chenghwa, T.; Berrocal, M. C.; Damašek, L.; Carlson, K. S. D.; Durand, R.; Ernée, M.; Fântăneanu, C.; Frenzel, H.; Atiénzar, G. G.; Guillén, S.; Hsieh, E.; Karwowski, M.; Kelvin, D.; Kelvin, N.; Khokhlov, A.; Kinaston, R. L.; Korolev, A.; Krettek, K.-L.; Küßner, M.; Lai, L.; Look, C.; Majander, K.; Mandl, K.; Mazzarello, V.; McCormick, M.; de Ibáñez, P. M.; Murphy, R.; Németh, R. E.; Nordqvist, K.; Novotny, F.; Obenaus, M.; Olmo-Enciso, L.; Onkamo, P.; Orschiedt, J.; Patrushev, V.; Peltola, S.; Romero, A.; Rubino, S.; Sajantila, A.; Salazar-García, D. C.; Serrano, E.; Shaydullaev, S.; Sias, E.; Šlaus, M.; Stančo, L.; Swanston, T.; Teschler-Nicola, M.; Valentin, F.; de Vijver, K. V.; Varney, T. L.; Guirado, A. V.-E.; Waters, C. K.; Weiss-Krejci, E.; Winter, E.; Lamnidis, T. C.; Prüfer, K.; Nägele, K.; Spyrou, M.; Schiffels, S.; Stockhammer, P. W.; Haak, W.; Posth, C.; Warinner, C.; Bos, K. I.; Herbig, A.; Krause, J.: Ancient Plasmodium genomes shed light on the history of human malaria. Nature, s41586-024-07546-2 (2024)
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