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Why Donald Trump doesn't have a dog
In an interview, Dr. Juliane Bräuer reveals an important difference between wolves and dogs (starting at minute 6:45 and in German language). more
International Left-Handers Day!
Are you a left-hander? Well, Dr. Natalie Uomini will tell you all you need to know! more
The Oldest Burial in Africa -
Dr. Patrick Roberts about the oldest known human burial in Africa. (in German) - 13.05.2021 more
Archaeology During the Anthropocene
Jan. 2021 - Director Nicole Boivin discussed on Deutschlandfunk how studying the past can help us shape the future. (In German) more
HR2 Kultur - Interview with Juliane Bräuer
Auf den Hund gekommen - Juliane Bräuer and Alf Haubitz discuss Juliane's new book "Was Hunde wissen" (What dogs know). Broadcast date 11/24/2020, audio in German
All Organisms in the World are Related
Professor Johannes Krause interview on Deutschlandfunk Nova. Audio in German. more
The Journey of our Genes (Die Reise unserer Gene)
Interview with Johannes Krause (in German) about his book Die Reise unserer Gene.
Saarländischer Rundfunk (SR 2), Fragen an den Autor,
aired on 22.09. 2019 more
New old history (Neue alte Geschichte)
Interview with Chiara Barbieri (in German), Forschungsquartett, aired on 29.08.2019 more
Who were the philistines - and where do they came from?
Interview Johannes Krause (in German, starts at min. 29:40)
WDR 5 Quarks, Wissenschaft und mehr, aired on 30.07.2019, available until 29.07.2024 more
Evolution of the Puppy-Eye (Evolution des Hundeblicks)
Interview with Juliane Bräuer (in German)
WDR 5 Neugier genügt, aired on 29.07.2019, available until 28.07.2020 more
The heritage of the Paleo-Eskimos
Interview with Stephan Schiffels (in German)
Deutschlandfunk, Forschung aktuell, aired on 06.06.2019 more
Historical Phylogenetic Tree: The Origin of the Sino-Tibetan Languages
Interview with Johann-Mattis List (in German)
Deutschlandfunk: Forschung Aktuell, aired on 07.05.2019 more
Who lived when in the Denisova cave?
Interview with Katerina Douka (Report in German)
Deutschlandfunk, Forschung aktuell, aired on 31.01.2019
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