Dr. Daniel Giddings Vassao

Department of Archaeology
+49 3641-686-733

Main Focus

Dr. Daniel Giddings Vassão is a technician in the Department of Archaeology of the MPI-SHH, focusing on the chemical analysis of small molecules from natural (mostly plant and fungal) origins. He is responsible for the operation, method development and maintenance of LC-MS and GC-MS instruments, as well as the organization of the laboratory and the training of students.

Curriculum Vitae

Daniel Vassão obtained a B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, with an emphasis on natural product chemistry. He performed his Ph.D. work at Washington State University, USA, studying the biosynthesis of plant aroma/flavor compounds. More recently, Daniel worked as a post-doctoral researcher and group leader at the Dept. of Biochemistry of the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, focusing on the chemistry and enzymology of the detoxification of plant toxins in insects and fungi.


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Book chapters and patent applications:

Vassão, D.G., Kim, K.-W., Davin, L.B., Lewis, N.G., (2010) “Lignans (Neolignans) and Allyl/Propenyl Phenols: Biogenesis, Structural Biology, and Biological/Human Health Considerations” Ch. 23 in: Comprehensive Natural Products Chemistry, Vol. 1: Natural Products Structural Diversity - Secondary Metabolites: Organization and Biosynthesis, Elsevier, Oxford, UK.

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Awards and Honors

PSNA Arthur C. Neish Young Investigator Award (2013)

Arthur M. and Kate Eisig-Tode Scholarship (2003-2008)

Charles Glen King Fellowship (2008)

WSU Plant Sciences Notable Student Publication Award (2008)

WSU School of Molecular Biosciences Excellence in Graduate Research Award (2007)

WSU Graduate and Professional Student Registration Grant (2006, 2007)

WSU Graduate School Travel Grant (2006)

WSU SMB Graduate Student Travel Award (2006)

John and Maggie McDougall Fellowship (2006/07)

Helen and Loyal H. Davis Fellowship (2004/05)

CNPq Doctoral Research Scholarship (2002)

FAPESP Undergraduate Research Scholarship (1999-2001)

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