Byambadorj Batsuren

Doctoral Researcher
Department of Archaeology

Main Focus

I am a bioarchaeologist specialising in the paleopathology including traumatic injuries, joint diseases, and tumors (malignant and benign) on the human skeletal remains from Mongolia and its relationship with their daily lifestyle, environmental condition, diet, and activity patterns. As well as, I am interested to focus on infectious diseases, their origin, prevalence, and impacts on the Bronze Age population from Mongolia based on the results of paleopathological and pathogenesis studies for further.

Currently, my research at the Max Planck Institute of Geoanthropology is seeking to clarify the social stratification of Bronze Age populations in western and central Mongolia, especially the people who left Khirigsuur and Deer stone culture in those areas, through bioarchaeological (skeletal) and geospatial/typological (burial) analysis.

Curriculum Vitae

01.09.2020-01.04.2022 Laboratory assistant at the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology at the National University of Mongolia.                                                                                                     

2017-2020 Master of Arts in Anthropology, Department Anthropology and Archaeology, National University of Mongolia                                                                                                     

17.06.2019-30.8.2019 Short-term contract researcher at the National Museum of Mongolia                 

15.01.2018-16.02.2018 Short-term contract researcher at the National Museum of Mongolia               

2012-2016 Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology, Department Anthropology and Archaeology, National University of Mongolia                                                                                                                                                

During my career, I have participated over the 15 archaeological projects in Mongolia. 


Byambadorj, B., Erdene, M., Orgilbayar, S., & Kharinsky, A. V. 2022. A possible case of secondary bone cancer in human remains from the medieval period (XII-XV AD) of Mongolia. DOI: 10.32247/ajp2022.4.2. 

Vlok, M., Myagmar, E., Byambadorj, B., & Buckley, H. 2021. Pott’s Disease in a Liao Dynasty (Tenth to Twelfth Century AD) Adult from Mongolia. Bioarchaeology InternationalDOI: 10.5744/bi.2021.0016

Bayarsaikhan B, Tvwshinjargal T, Byambadorj B, Jean- Luc Houle. 2020. The archaeological site at Zamiin Utug, Xiongnu grave with a thousand beads.   Journal of the Archaeology, History, and Ethnography. Fasc. 7, Vol 16(15). 

Byambadorj B. The Paleopathological Analysis of Skeletal materials from Medieval Site Khorig, Mongolia. (Preliminary results). In Mongolia. The journal “Oyunii Khelkhee” of the Antoon Mostaert Mongolian Studies center

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