Dynamics of the Technosphere

The "Dynamics of the Technosphere" project is dedicated to understanding the complex and interconnected systems that constitute the technosphere and their interaction dynamics. By identifying distinct subsystems and measurable proxies for key system parameters and variables, our research aims to elucidate the fundamental relationships that govern the behavior of these systems. Through a combination of empirical data collection, computational modeling, and theoretical analysis, we seek to uncover the core principles driving energy and material fluxes, structural organization, and entropy within the technosphere. Our work will explore the specific mechanisms that couple different subsystems, aiming to provide a comprehensive framework for analyzing the dynamics of this intricate network of subsystems.
The multidisciplinary approach integrates insights from various domains and computational modeling to develop robust models of technospheric processes. What are the system-internal and external boundary conditions for the system variables that arise necessarily from the systemic constellation and can thus hardly be changed? What are the leverage points to change the behavior of the technosphere under various scenarios according to our models? The "Dynamics of the Technosphere" will not only foster a deeper understanding but also potentially allow for more effective stewardship of the technosphere.


Technosphere, complex systems, major transitions, energy systems, modelling

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