Open Access Resources

For more than 10 years the Max Planck Society has been actively engaged in “Open Access“ and supports its scientists to make their research findings available for the benefit of the whole of humanity, free of charge whenever possible

The Max Planck Society is a co-founder of the international Open Access movement. The publication of the “Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities” on 22 October 2003 and the subsequent annual conferences heralded the introduction of a process that heightened awareness around the theme of accessibility to scientific information. The open access webseite of the Max Planck Society offers more information on the topic.

Further information is provided by the Max Planck Digital library website. Among other useful information the website provides a regularly updated list summarizing publishers and journals whose article charges are covered by the Max Planck Society.

Information for MPG-authors about Open Access Publishing

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