Martha Nchimunya Kayuni

Doctoral Researcher
Department of Archaeology

Main Focus

I am a female PhD candidate with specialty in Rock Art, who got her Master of Arts in Archaeology Degree in November, 2017 at The University of Zambia. My interests of research are Rock Art Studies, Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Iron Age Studies, Historical Archaeology and Tourism, Cultural Resource Management/Cultural Heritage and Hunter Gatherer Societies and Other Ancient Societies.

Curriculum Vitae

While studying Archaeology as an Undergraduate in 2009 I helped excavate Chakeluka Iron Age site, Lusaka, Zambia, for five weeks, in conjunction with National Heritage Conservation Commission, trained and supervised by Prof. F. B.  Musonda. In 2014 excavated Shiwa Ng'andu Rock Art site, Northern Zambia. In 2018, excavated Bushman Rock Shelter (BRS), in Limpopo, South Africa. In 2018, April to May, excavated Bushman Rock Shelter (BRS), Limpopo, South Africa. Also the same year in July to August, excavated Songwe site and sites in the Livingstone Park, Southern Zambia. Later the same year, participated in the excavation in Fibobe and M’teteshi Iron age sites in Kabwe, Zambia. In 2019 excavated Sitwe 23 A and B and a paleontological Survey in Mfuwe and Chama North. Equally in 2019 removed a skeleton at Ing’ombe Ilede. 

From the above my interests have led to my current research involved in gathering data on the heritage of Zambia’s Archaeological Northern circuit region, mapping Iron Age sites in certain parts of Central Province, profile mapping of the rock art sites in Zambia and study the Batwa (Hunter-gatherers).

Research Projects

2018 excavation in Fibobe and M’teteshi Iron age sites in Kabwe, Zambia.

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