Dr. Nicolas Bourgon

Postdoctoral Researcher

Main Focus

I am a stable isotope archaeologist focusing on zinc stable isotope (δ66Zn) from tooth enamel to explore fossil humans' trophic ecology and dietary adaptation, such as the introduction and reliance of animal-matter to the diet or the relationship between environment and dietary choices. Notably, such a method is also ideal for tropical environments where poor preservation of organic matter greatly hinders our understanding of humans' adaptation to these habitats and their resources. 

Curriculum Vitae

After completing my BA in Archeology at Laval University in 2014, I obtained my MA in Archeology from the Paris National Natural History Museum in 2017, where my final year research involved C&O stable isotopes analyses of Late Pleistocene faunal assemblage from the Indochinese peninsula.

I then completed my PhD in geosciences in 2022, conducted jointly between Johannes Gutenberg University and the Department of Human Evolution of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. My work sought to explore the potential of the zinc isotope method in tooth enamel for providing dietary and trophic information in fossil communities in paleontology and archeology.

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