Eliane Chim

Research Associate

Main Focus

Eliane Chim current research focuses on the transition from foraging to food production in the Holocene in Eastern South America. She is conducting a PhD research internship at the Department of Archaeology at the MPI-GEA, where she investigates diet using stable isotope analysis (δ13C, δ16N, and δ18O) in human, faunal and plant archaeological remains from Central and Northeast Brazil.

Curriculum Vitae

Eliane Chim is a PhD candidate in Archaeology at the University of São Paulo, in Brazil, and a visiting researcher in the Department of Archaeology at the Max Planck Institute of Geoanthropology. She received a BS in Archaeology from the Federal University of Rio Grande and a MSc in Archaeology from the University of São Paulo. She worked in the Brazilian National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage. Over the past few years, Eliane has researched zooarchaeology. Since 2018 she leads fieldwork projects in Central and Northeast Brazil. Since 2019 she is leading archaeological excavations in Lapa do Santo and Lapa do Boquete sites. In 2022 she was a visiting researcher at the University of Minnesota, where she received training in U-series isotopes for U/Th dating techniques.

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