Dr. Maria Guagnin

Research Associate
Department of Archaeology

Main Focus

My research interests focus on prehistoric settlement patterns and rock art in northern Arabia. I have developed a range of new research methods that integrate methodologies from animal conservation studies, climate modelling, archaeozoology, and rock art research – and I have used these methods to reconstruct Holocene ecosystems and to identify cultural memory and population dynamics across periods of subsistence change. 

I co-directed the Project “Dating and conservation of ancient camel sculptures in northern Saudi Arabia” with Dr Guillaume Charloux (CNRS), which was supported by a grant from the Gerda Henkel Foundation (Grant No AZ 43/Z/18).

I am currently directing a project that explores the potential for Epipalaeolithic and early Holocene rock art and archaeology in Saudi Arabia, funded by a BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grant (SRG2223/231473).

My wider research interests include population dynamics and settlement patterns across changing environments and landscapes. I have considerable fieldwork and research experience in the Sahara, the Near East and Europe.

Curriculum Vitae

I joined the Department of Archaeology as a Postdoctoral Researcher for the Palaeodeserts Project in 2016 and have recently held a Dahlem Research Fellowship at Freie Universität Berlin (2017-2019). I previously also held a postdoctoral position with the Palaeodeserts Project at the University of Oxford (2014-2016).

I carried out my doctoral research at the University of Edinburgh (2005-2010), where I focused on the rock art and Holocene environment on the central Sahara. My thesis is entitled ‘From Savanna to Desert: Animal Engravings in the Changing Prehistoric Environment of the Wadi al-Hayat, Libyan Sahara’.



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