Stefanie Schirmer

Department of Archaeology
+49 3641 686-771

Main Focus

Stefanie Schirmer is a technician in the department of archeology.

She works in the botany laboratory (micro- and macrobotany) and in the ZooMS/MALDI laboratory.

In the botany laboratory she is responsible for the following tasks:

-          operation of stereo- and digital microscopes

-          image generation on the scanning electron microscope (SEM)

-          procurement of consumables for sample processing

-          supporting employees in operating microscopes and preparing samples

In the ZoomMS/MALDI laboratory, she takes over the following tasks:

-          sample preparation and collagen extraction

-          preparation of chemical solutions

-          analysis of archaeological samples

-          measurement of the samples on the mass spectrometer Maldi-TOF

-          analysis of the Maldi-TOF spectra

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