Complex system thinking and games

The project explores the innovative approach of utilizing games as educational tools to enhance understanding and skills in complex system thinking. Complex systems, characterized by their intricate and interdependent components, pose significant challenges in comprehension and analysis. Games, with their interactive and engaging nature, offer a unique platform for learners to experiment with and understand the dynamics of such systems in a risk-free environment. This project delves into how games facilitate the learning process by simulating real-world complex systems, allowing players to visualize consequences, understand relationships, and develop strategic thinking skills. By incorporating elements of competition, collaboration, and problem-solving, games can effectively mimic the complexities of systems found in nature, society, and technology, making them an invaluable resource in educational settings. Through this approach, learners are not only able to grasp the fundamentals of complex systems but also apply this knowledge in practical scenarios, fostering a deeper understanding and innovative thinking in tackling real-world challenges.

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