Narratives between society, science and policy

Analyzing narratives between science and policy involves examining the complex interplay and communication strategies that bridge the gap between scientific research and policy-making. This interdisciplinary approach focuses on understanding how scientific knowledge is translated, interpreted, and integrated into policy decisions, highlighting the role of narratives in shaping public understanding and policy agendas in the context of the development of laws on genetic research in Germany. It explores the mechanisms through which scientific evidence is framed and disseminated in the policy-making process, the influence of political, social, and economic contexts on these narratives, and the impact of differing narratives on policy outcomes. By scrutinizing the construction, transmission, and reception of narratives at the intersection of science and policy, this analysis seeks to uncover the dynamics that facilitate or hinder evidence-based policy-making, aiming to enhance the effectiveness of science communication and promote informed decision-making in addressing complex societal challenges.

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